Our Beans

Morena Kawhe has two flagship blends

Morning Mana - A blend of Arabica and Robusta 

Robusta beans carry more caffeine, however the sugar and lipid content in Arabica beans is substantially higher than Robusta.  Morning Mana marries the two varieties to ensure not only you get that caffeine kick but also the sweetness and creaminess that everyone should wake up to. 

Perfect for espresso and all other coffee making methods.  

Black and Deadly - Arabica 

Arabica beans are larger, darker and have a higher sugar and lipid content than Robusta.

But it's really the roast that matters in this case and these beans have been roasted to perfection to give that full body flavour while minimising the bitterness that Arabica beans are normally associated with. 

Highly recommended for all those coffee drinkers who add milk or milk substitutes, to give that strong coffee kick. 


Ethical and sustainable

In one of Australia’s first of its kind, our roastery partner employs a triple green bean cleaning process, which removes metal nails, rocks, timber, and other foreign matter that often make its way into the green bean bags.


With a strong dedication to quality control our coffee roastery partner ensures our coffee blends are consistent, clean and safe. 


Ethically and sustainably sourced coffee is important to Morena Kawhe and our coffee supply partners are all active supporters of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO’s) Declaration of Philadelphia that labour is not a commodity, the ending of harmful child labour and are regularly audited by the Control Union

  • SGS
  • Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance
  • Kiwa PAI
  • Validus


Morena Kawhe therefore benefits not only the indigenous farmers and their communities, but also our “local” (Australia and New Zealand) communities and services.